Circuit basculant astabil – demonstratie V+555

Urmariti-ne cu atentie, urmeaza interviuri interesante cu profesorii participanti la Concursul National de Electronica STIL ELECTRONIC Slatina 2014, editia a 8-a!


3 comments on “Circuit basculant astabil – demonstratie V+555

  1. Still don’t understand more than two words in a paragraph. (I’ll get there) but the eggs look funny! 🙂

    • adapteaza = adapt
      schimbari = changings
      sustine = sustain
      optimism = optimism (optimismul = the optimism)
      sarbatori = hollydays
      Lumitronic is the name of the firm 🙂

      • Multumesc! (Mersi is quite easier. I imagine it’s like snobbish?)
        I have to find out how the verbs are constructed. Like the infinitif? (Working on it!)
        Be good

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